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    Friday, May 21, 2010

    Jameer Nelson is Like Allen Iverson

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    Size doesn't matter in basketball. This is what the all time great Allen "The Answer" Iverson has long been known to manifest and adhere whenever he is on the court playing basketball. He is just 5'11. He even took single-handedly the Philadelphia Seventy Sixer to the NBA Finals in 2001 against the overwhelming Los Angeles Lakers. But in the end they lost to them. But the upside is that he won the MVP Award. Just one ring and Allen Iverson will surely be a player to be remembered and looked up for in terms of motivation and basketball pointers. After some time there are players who are claiming that their idol is Allen Iverson because he is a great player. Amongst those people no one but a pointguard from Saint Joseph College caught my eyes his name is Jameer Nelson. He is also 5'11, plays hard like Allen Iverson, has a great shooting skill, has many tattoos, has great endurance, but one thing separates him to the all time great Iverson, he has a knack for good passing and he is a team player, also he is a converse endorser, unlike Allen Iverson who is a Reebok Endorse. He is currently playing for the Orlando Magic along with Vince Carter and Dwight Howard. They are currently facing the tough Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. They are down in the series 2-0. The series will be shifted to the Bean Town in Boston.

    The Orlando Magic is currently facing scoring drought and their defensive player of the year is struggling because of the Boston Celtics' great defense and ball pressure. If they are to win and once again, and most probably face the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals Jameer Nelson has to take his game up a notch and Vince Caarter should be simple in doing things because he babies the ball too much. The bottomline is they have to score because if not the Boston Celtics will eat them alive.

    Here is Jameer Nelson in Action you would be the one to judge if he is like Iverson or not:

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