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    Monday, May 17, 2010

    Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard is Struggling

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    Dwight Howard has been known in the NBA for being a dominant and imposing big man in the NBA from the moment he wore the Orlando Magic Uniform. In the 2009 NBA Playoffs he particularly dominated the game especially when they faught in the Eastern Conference finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James cannot totally do his thing on the court whenever Dwight Howard is lurking on their goal. They passed LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers in a blissful way. Unfortunately the Orlando Magic succumb to defeat when they faced the surging Los Angeles Lakers who are led by one of the greatest player who ever played the game of basketball, they call him the Black Mamba, he is Kobe Bryant. They call him the Black Mamba not only because of the color of the snake's skin but by its striking and stealthy way of luring and killing its prey and enemies. Kobe "the Black Mamba" Bryant stunned the whole Orlando MAGIC to its core which is Dwight Howard. During the NBA 2010 Season Dwight Howard has once again shown to all of us that he can dominate the boards and he can block shots. With his average of 18 pts. 15 rebs and 5 blocks a game, he has once and for all, again has won the 2010 Defensive Player of the year. And now in the present 2010 NBA Playoffs, for his first two series. First against the Charlotte Bobcats where he in the first two games struggled to keep his fouls low. In every game that he has played in that series before the second quarter he has already 3 fouls. Fortunately his teamates took the cuggles and they did what dwight howard needs to do and they win the series. Once again his struggles continue in their series against the young Atlanta Hawks. Thankfully these young Atlanta Hawks failed to capitalize when Dwight Howard is not on the court playing. They again win the series. But things will definitely be harder and tougher when they will be fighting in the Eastern Conference finals against the Boston Celtics. These Boston Celtics is packed with agressive and heady players wherein almost ninety-five percent of the team are capable of having a good scoring night specially when their all-star pointguard Rajon "The Storm" Rondo is on the floor dishing assist after assist and steals after steals. The fab three are also there, Paul "the truth" Pierce, Kevin "the big ticket" Garnette, and Ray "Ray Ray" Allen- the greatest shooter right now, are all in the Boston Celtics. In the first game,Dwight Howard once again struggled. Having three fouls before the end of the second quarter and the one on one defense of Boston against him, imagine not double teaming him on the block yet they are successful in winning the first game of the series, that is a huge factor in the game. The Boston Celtics will win the series if the second stringers and the bench of Orlando will continue to rely on Dwight Howard and if they will not step-up to win especially Vince Carter.

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