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    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Cheap Basketball Jerseys

    In my previous post I gave some key outlets where you can buy cheap rubbershoes in the Philippines and the outcome was great. I had great feedbacks, but some asked me to make another review where they can buy cheap basketball jersey in the Philippines.

    I have gone thru different malls and like all of you guys who want to buy cheap basketball jerseys, I went to different boutiques where they offer high-quality and affordable basketball jerseys. There is one in the Tutuban Centermall. The shop is called Adidas Factory Outlet it is located in the second floor north wing of Divisoria Mall. They offer 30-40% off on their basketball jerseys, but since its Adidas, the jerseys that they sell are only from the team of their endorsers like Chauncey Billups, Tracy McGrady, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnette. They are all originals.

    Imagine the price of those basketball jerseys from being 1,800 pesos down to 1,300 pesos. That's a huge cut-off.

    In divisoria in general, located in the cluster building second floor just right after you ride the first escalator that you will see, there are many class A basketball jerseys. They are NBA jerseys. They have both for the males' and females' jerseys. Those basketball jerseys that they sell resemble the authentic ones but they are cheaper. The price ranges from 350-600 pesos depending on the demand of the jersey.

    Another boutique where you can find cheap but original and authentic basketball jersey in the Philippines is the "Memorabilia Boutique" located in Trinoma Mall Q.C., located in the north wing second floor part of the mall. Imagine purchasing basketball jerseys of great NBA players like Michael Jordan and Chris Paul with just 900 pesos. That is a great deal. You can also buy other product such as basketballs and wristbands of other players in the said boutique.

    Here's how the Adidas NBA Jerseys look like.


    Anonymous said...

    Gusto ko niyaan! :)

    Anonymous said...

    is it authentic jerseys not pirated one?

    Anonymous said...

    do you know where to have some customize uniform with the best quality?..tnx!

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